Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rory is growing like a weed...

I've noticed little by little that some of Rory's newborn clothes are getting a tad tighter or harder to put on her. And just this past weekend, we officially switched to the size 1 diapers (she's getting big so fast!). And now Justin noticed today while dressing her that her little fishy onesie was a wee bit tight in the crotch when he tried to snap her. She has it on today but it'll be her last time wearing it. *sad face*

But look at how wide these sides are! I guess she's at least getting longer and not just rounder, lol. She can eat like a champ (I call her my little hammie), downing 6 oz bottles already. At the family reunion yesterday, it seemed like all she did was eat. Everyone saw her with a bottle in front of her face all day!

This week, she also really discovered her hands. We've caught her putting fingers and her thumb in her mouth before, but she's moved on to shoving nearly her whole fist in her mouth and sucking while she plays with her ear with the other hand. This coming Tuesday is her 2 month checkup and she gets her first set of shots, poor baby. But I'm eager to see what she weighs and measures. I know she's over 9 lbs!

2 months old now!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Bumbo time!

Now that Rory's been holding her head up most of the time, we've started (today) to put her in the bumbo. She can continue building up on those muscles so she can sit up. And boy, does she like to sit up and look around. Rory is not typically a fussy baby; when she's crying, she knows EXACTLY what she wants and what she does not want. Even as a less-than-24-hour old baby, she liked to take in her surroundings. So now that she's bigger, Rory does not want to lay on her back or on her stomach for tummy time where she can't see anything. How dare we do that! She likes to be sitting up on our laps and looking around, locking in on her target visual. She's also finally big enough to fit into the Baby Bjorn carrier (versus just the Moby wrap) but I've had to amend it a little. She's still supposed to be facing me with the head support up around her until she grows another few inches. But Rory will have none of that: screaming will ensue. What a terrible view to see just my t-shirt. So instead, she faces me with the head support folded down like you would for an older child and sometimes I just sit with one side loosened so she can turn. And she can kick with those legs when she's angry!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Her first 4th!

Rory has had a busy couple of weeks since our last post. She's been to parties galore, visited her Gammie, Pappy, aunts and uncles, and cousins (crossing the state line!). Her one month checkup told us what we already can tell-- she's growing, growing, growing! Her weight was 7 lbs 11 oz and her height was 20 inches, both putting her in the 10th percentile. Her head circumference if I remember correctly was 36 cm (maybe 35), which put her in the 25th percentile. She's been chugging down the formula pretty constantly!

We did have to try some new formula with her because the soy is causing some minor constipation. Per the pediatrician's recommendations, we tried an oz of water a day for a week (didn't help much), then an oz of pear juice for a week (helped slightly more), and then switched to Nutramigen. THAT was a terrible mistake. Although it's lactose-free, it still seemed to upset her stomach, causing her to spit up (which she normally does not do), have a great deal of gas pain and fussiness, and explosive diarrhea. Rather the opposite effect from what we were hoping for.

So we went back to the soy and we've been trying varying amounts of water and then pear juice to get a good result. Especially since her constipation is still just minor. 2 oz of pear juice a day seems to finally help enough! As she gets a little bigger, we can play around some more. But she needs to get enough nutrients from the formula.

Rory also celebrated her first 4th of July this year. Thankfully, she didn't seem to mind the couple of hours of firecracker noises all around the house. She does enjoy sleeping through noise! Must be from the noisy kitties and the loud foghorn our town uses as a fire alarm!