Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Bumbo time!

Now that Rory's been holding her head up most of the time, we've started (today) to put her in the bumbo. She can continue building up on those muscles so she can sit up. And boy, does she like to sit up and look around. Rory is not typically a fussy baby; when she's crying, she knows EXACTLY what she wants and what she does not want. Even as a less-than-24-hour old baby, she liked to take in her surroundings. So now that she's bigger, Rory does not want to lay on her back or on her stomach for tummy time where she can't see anything. How dare we do that! She likes to be sitting up on our laps and looking around, locking in on her target visual. She's also finally big enough to fit into the Baby Bjorn carrier (versus just the Moby wrap) but I've had to amend it a little. She's still supposed to be facing me with the head support up around her until she grows another few inches. But Rory will have none of that: screaming will ensue. What a terrible view to see just my t-shirt. So instead, she faces me with the head support folded down like you would for an older child and sometimes I just sit with one side loosened so she can turn. And she can kick with those legs when she's angry!

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