Thursday, August 9, 2012

Return of Happy Rory!

Today, finally, Rory seems to be returning to her usual self. I'm sure at any point her little personality could change. But for now, she tends to be pleasant and curious, not screaming. Thankfully, her teething symptoms are gone after about a week, so I don't know what was growing in that tiny little mouth but it's stopped for now...
Tuckered out after splashing around in the kiddie pool.

Her naps continue to be fairly short (except her morning one, still at about 2 hours) and her exercise gym now occupies her attention for at least 15-20 minutes each time I lay her on it. She loves the lights, the music, and best of all, the dangling toys she can kick kick kick! Rory is not so much into grabbing things yet, but the kicking....oy! We were at the kiddie pool yesterday and I was swishing her in the water and making her kick and splash a little. Another woman there was commenting that she should be a little swimmer since she apparently has toes that are turned down and perfect for the breaststroke. And she was born right around the summer Olympics, of course!

We also went for a walk later to pick up our dinner and Rory is adjusting more and more to the Baby Bjorn, especially since I let her face forward now. She's still a little short for it, but she has good enough head control and DEMANDS to see everything. How can I deny that cute little face?
All ready for her walk!

Tomorrow is her Hebrew naming ceremony and we're so excited for her. There's a surprise or two and I'm *really* hoping some of her cute dresses fit her. So far she's been swimming in them and this is the perfect time for one to fit!

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