Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Small but mighty!

Those were the words of both the pediatrician AND the nurse (separately mind you) at Rory's 2 month check-up last week. She's still hovering around the 10th percentile in her height (21.5 inches) and weight (9lbs on the nose), but her muscle tone is FAN-tastic. The pediatrician commented that she is acting like a 4 month old with how well she holds her head, bears her weight on her legs (she loves to stand), and sits up. Because apparently the 4 month old crowd is WAY cooler so she's trying to fit in. So much so that now I suspect she might be teething. (Early I know, but they just get into trouble younger and younger these days. I'll have to sneak into her room to see where she hid her diary. I'm SURE someone has been secretly showing her how to walk) Well, she has to wait TWO more months before she can try rice cereal and consider attempting regular formula again, so she is just going to HAVE to be patient. :)

She did NOT enjoy her shots, of course; the oral vaccine with its sweet taste was also unexciting for her (although it would be disappointing if she didn't have the sweet tooth Justin and I both have, it will be MUCH healthier for her!). My happy little girl would smile like usual until she moved her legs and realized how sore they were. At one point, she was smiling and crying at the same time, trying to be chipper!

Sucking on her WHOLE fist, prior to gagging herself.
And then the fussiness started a few days ago. Nothing too serious, but enough to notice that something is off. She wakes up and INSTANTLY starts screaming before you can even get a chance to make the bottle. Nap times have been cut short to cat naps. Normally, Rory loves to have her diaper changed and is all smiles and giggles. Now, you have to work hard for those smiles. She is one unhappy, whiny, confused little baby. I also thought at first that she had finally found her hand (she's been sucking on it like crazy) but I'm noticing how she tries to shove the WHOLE thing in to chomp on, gags herself, and drools the entire time. Combined with the low fever she's been running here and there, plus the ear pulling/massaging while she chomps on her fist and the dwindling appetite, means something's up. And that something sounds like teeth. Perhaps she's just starting to feel some and it will be months yet before any teeth are cut.

But knowing my daughter thus far, I wouldn't be surprised to see a tooth in a week or two. Sigh.

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