Thursday, September 13, 2012

Everything's Funny to Rory

Well, I've officially gone back to work, started school again, and it's just crazy around here! And Rory seems to be growing leaps and bounds. She'd been working on her belly laugh for the past week or so. And then last week (Aug 24th), Justin and I picked her up from daycare together. She's happy pretty much all the time, but she's always so happy to see us, smiling away. Especially while you're packing her up in the car seat because she can't help but look at you! She started smiling at me and then started laughing when I tickled under her chin. I kept it up while Justin tried to get his phone out and take video. I asked one of her teachers if she'd been doing this at daycare and we just didn't know about it, and she said nope! First time she's heard it! And now she thinks LOTS of things are funny: the other kids around her, me and Justin, the monkey noises her jumperoo makes.

And then a few days ago, (I wrote this post on the 29th), we picked her up and a little boy about 18 months kept following the teachers holding her, putting his hands up and whining/crying. This is pretty typical, since they all want picked up. But when I took Rory from her teacher, he followed and put his arms up at me, crying. And the teacher tells me he's been wanting to hold Rory! He thinks she's just a little baby doll and doesn't understand why they won't give him to her. So funny!

Another exciting moment came when they gave me the September calendar. At the end of the month, they're having a book fair AND I got the Scholastic sheets with all the books in them. I used to LOVE these fairs. I'd have different books circled in pencil and couldn't wait until the book orders came in. Or looking at all of the books, one by one, whenever the fair came to the school with the metal trucks filled with books. Justin thinks I'm ridiculous, but I'm so excited for it!

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