Thursday, September 13, 2012

Looking forward to fall!

Rory went to her first Pittsburgh Irish festival this past weekend. She was a hit with many people there, especially the vendors. It was hard for me to shop! And there were SO many cute things for her, I had to restrain myself. We did get her a little Irish/German t-shirt, and I got an awesome hat! She tried very hard to stay awake for Gaelic Storm (they didn't play an afternoon show this year), but she passed out right as they came onstage. Next year we can dance to them together. :)
Waiting for Gaelic Storm to come on (she didn't make it)

I've been working on her Halloween costume the past month or so and I can't wait! She also has a few Halloween-themed outfits and since a couple of them *might* be too small soon, she wore one today. Isn't she just adorable? What a little ham.

She also seems like she's been growing leaps and bounds lately. She's been practicing her rolling over and we've been working on sitting up. Her legs are so strong since she loves to kick and stand but we are working on her core and arm muscles. She does pretty well with tummy time but she'll turn herself in a 360 degree circle if you let her go! We put her in the jumperoo just a week or so ago and she was still too small for it. And then suddenly this week, she's able to manage it. Growing too fast! Rory also doesn't seem to care for her bouncer anymore. :( Outgrowing baby equipment already!

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